Neutral logistics platform from A to Z: from order management to customs processing.

SLC offers the complete range of logistical services on 17.4 hectares: order and stock management, container handling, display construction, commissioning, customs processing and several further activities. This makes the Soltau Logistic Center ideal as an interim or central storage location for companies based in the north of Germany or as a regional storage facility for South German companies. SLC sees itself as a neutral logistics platform and provides customised logistical services – both for traditional customers such as manufacturers and traders as well as for logistics companies. This is because SLC has neither its own vehicle fleet nor a network of subsidiaries. Rather than enter into competition with other logistics companies, we focus on regular cooperation with them.

Speaking of cooperation: SLC also works very closely with its sister companies in the Tietje Group. You can view cooperation scenarios on the sector page of the group.

Top site advantages: the best precondition for smooth processes.

The Soltau Logistic Center (SLC) is ideally situated with a direct motorway connection between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, allowing the whole of Germany to be reached in a single lorry driver shift. Traders and manufacturers who use the SLC as a consolidation point for the northern ports benefit from cheaper terms compared with the limited and correspondingly higher-cost space available in the seaports. In addition, 34 lorry loading gates, storage areas and an active rail connection with a rail ramp are available.

The stock level on the screen: transparency using barcode scanners.

SLC offers technologies such as automatic barcode handling. Using this, all pallets are collected and stored in the databases of the logistics software. Every pallet operation and every process associated with it can be tracked. This enables all the necessary information for further goods processing to be available. In some cases, SLC has a direct terminal link to the customer’s own SAP programme and thereby acquires the status of “listed storage location”.

Personal memo from the company head.

Dear potential customers,

When my great-grandfather, Ferdinand Teege, started to make himself independent with a horse and cart well over 100 years ago, he had probably not in his wildest dreams imagined how long his undertaking would continue. In the 5th generation, I am now managing the Soltau Logistic Center with my business partner Martin Buck. We still set ourselves the highest standards. Working with my father, Gustav Tietje, the Tietje Group was launched in 2016, now including eight companies, four of them German-Chinese joint ventures. We have expanded our area of activity in the trade sector with the establishment of CTC Handelsgesellschaft Deutschland mbH and CTC Trading SA (Pty) Ltd. With all our companies we are determined to meet the growing expectations in our sector, to set new standards and finally to best as possible support you, our customers and partners. We look forward to being in contact with you and welcome your enquiries.

Kind regards,
Carsten Tietje

Carsten Tietje